Sea BeastsThe adult Sea Beast with one of its offspring.
Sea Beast
Production information
Feature films Sea Beast
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Created by Syfy
Inspiration Deep-sea fish, anglerfish
Character information
Full name None
Other names Troglodyte
Personality Aggressive, monstrous, murderous
Affiliations Themselves
Goal Kill, eat
Relatives Each other
Likes Killing, eating
Powers and abilities Can paralyze their prey with toxic spit, invisibility and camouflage
Weapons Teeth, toxic spit
Status Deceased

Egg-laying sea creatures that are the titular creatures of the 2009 movie Sea Beast. Due to the film also being called Troglodyte, it can be assumed that they live in caves. They are at least semi-sapient as they could identify a trap.

Appearance Edit

They are roughly humanoid. They have grey skin, white eyes and a long tongue. They spit slimy, paralyzing venom. They can turn invisible. Their eyes close sideways and when they're invisible there is a slight blur where they are. They can jump nearly thirty feet into the air. Their venom is similar to the venom injected by ambush predators. Several characters likened them to an anglerfish.

Kills Edit

  • Joey
  • Drew
  • Erin
  • An Unnamed Member of Ben's Crew
  • Two Unnamed Teenagers
  • Sheriff Jade
  • Roy
  • Two Unnamed Men
  • Barbara
  • Ben
  • Danny

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

There are four possible classifications

  • They are amphibians, however this is unlikely as their skin appears to be dry and hard rather than wet and soft
  • They are marine reptiles, however they appear able to breathe underwater
  • They are a species of fish like the lungfish which can survive out of water for long periods of time by using its swim bladder like a primitive lung
  • They are members of an unknown group of animals that possess functioning lungs and gills.
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