Mansquito Screenshot
Ray Erikson
Production information
Feature films Mansquito
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by Mathew Jordon
Portrayed by
Created by Syfy
Character information
Full name Ray Erikson
Other names Mansquito
Personality Criminal, monstrous, murderous
Appearance In human form: Typical bald scowling criminal, orange jail suit
As Mansquito: Humanoid mosquito-like monster, large insect-like eyes, antennas, wings, hunched back, pointed blade-like arms, insect-like shell
Occupation Criminal
Affiliations Himself
Goal Kill, mate with Jennifer Allen
Enemies Tom Randall, Jennifer Allen
Likes Murdering and sucking blood
Powers and abilities Flying, sucking blood
Weapons Flight, blade-like arms
Status Deceased

Ray Erikson, also known as the Mansquito to Tom Randall, is the primary antagonist in the 2005 Syfy original movie Mansquito.

Monster Madness bio Edit

A dangerous convict got bitten by a swarm of experimental, diseased, radioactive mosquitoes, thus turning him into Mansquito. He is a murderous, flying, blood-sucking, half-man, half-mosquito beast.

Role in the film Edit

In Baltimore, Maryland, Ray Erikson is a wanted criminal who is transferred to a research lab to join Jennifer Allen's program to find a cure for the Gillian virus carried by mosquitoes in exchange for his lifelong prison sentence. However, Ray tries to escape by taking a hostage and convinces Dr. Allen to open the door to the experiment room where she is keeping captured mosquitoes infected with the Gillian virus and exposed to doses of radiation. The security guards open fire on Ray which an explosion that showers Ray and Dr. Allen in the radiation and disease infected mosquitoes.

Ray escapes the scene from a manhole and begins to transform into a half man, half mosquito creature from being exposed to the radiation and being bitten by the mosquitoes. Ray's right arms turns into an exoskeleton-like structure and his hand grows into a spike. Ray later makes it to his ex girlfriend's apartment where his ex comes home to find the apartment in ruins. Ray and his ex girlfriend have a short anxious conversation soon before he continues to transform into a mosquito creature. Ray's legs become longer and his head and face mutate into a grotesque mosquito face. After his transformation is complete, Ray kills his ex with his blood-sucking mosquito-like stinger.

Gallery Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Ray Erikson and the character Paul King from Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy share similarities. They are both mutated monsters from 2005 Syfy original movies who are portrayed by actors in costumes and use minor scenes of CGI.
  • The wings that sprouted from Ray near the end of the film would never be able to lift him off the ground in reality.

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