Production information
Feature films Piranhaconda
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Ryan P. Wilson[1]
Created by Syfy
Character information
Full name
Other names Kipalo, River Devil
Personality Aggressive, monstrous, murderous
Appearance Half-Piranha Half-Anaconda
Affiliations Themselves
Goal Kill, find their missing eggs
Relatives Piranhaconda eggs
Likes Killing
Dislikes Humans, human vehicles, their eggs being stolen
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth, strong grip
Status Deceased

The Piranhaconda is a genetic hybrid between a piranha and an anaconda, presumably the red-bellied piranha and the green anaconda.

Appearance Edit

The Piranahconda is a large, snake-like creature with the head similar to that of a piranha. There are two known specimens, being a male and a female. The female is yellowish-green color with yellow splotches, while the male is a darker green color with orange splotches instead of yellow. They have a fin on the ends of their tails, allowing them to swim faster than they slither.

Behavior Edit

Created with an elevated sex drive, during the mating season, which lasts eleven months. The mating season starts the first Thursday of every February and ends the last Monday of December. During this time, the Piranhaconda is overtly hostile to any living animal near it, save for plants. Mating presumably takes slightly longer than normal anacondas, followed by a gestation period of ten months. The Piranhaconda is oviparous, laying 20 to 25 eggs. They usually lay their eggs in hard-to-reach places, making them hard for smaller carnivores to get at. The female follows a sort of 'patrol' route, chasing away or devouring any living creature aside from plants within a twenty-five-foot radius of the eggs.

Kills Edit

  • Eight unnamed people
  • Deb
  • Leilani
  • Dr. Masters
  • Vicki
  • Rachel
  • JC
  • Rick
  • Talia
  • Milo
  • Jamie
  • Arturo
  • Pike
  • Kimmy Weston
  • Professor Lovegrove
  • Rose
  • Jack

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