Paul King
Production information
Feature films Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by Anton Argirov
Portrayed by
Created by Syfy
Character information
Full name Paul King
Other names Hammerhead
Personality Murderous, monstrous
Appearance Humanoid hammerhead shark-like monster, hammerhead shark-like head and eyes, large mouth, shark-like teeth, thick neck, muscular body, gray back and sand yellow underbelly
Affiliations Himself
Goal Kill
Relatives Preston King (father)
Likes Killing
Dislikes Humans and nearly anything
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth
Status Deceased

Paul King, credited as Hammerhead, is the son of Preston King and the primary antagonist in the 2005 Syfy original movie Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy.

Paul King was infected with kidney cancer and was injected with hammerhead shark DNA by his father in an attempt to save him from the disease after Preston was fired from his job by the doctors that could not save him from cancer before. Now a mutated half-man, half-shark monster, Paul is kept in his father's laboratory in his mansion on an island where his father tries to create a half-human, half-shark offspring by allowing him to mate with living women. However, Paul always eats the women rather than mating with them.


As Hammerhead, Paul King has a humanoid body with many attributes of a hammerhead shark, including a head with stalks like a hammerhead shark where his eyes are, a large mouth full of jagged sharp shark-like teeth, and a large shark nose. In addition to his shark attributes, Hammerhead has three shark gills on either side of his thick neck which seem to be red like blood. Hammerhead has a muscular body with human limbs and a sharks tail complete with shark fins. Hammerhead has a shark fin on his back and spike-like objects that stick out from the back of his arms.

Role in the film

Paul King, as Hammerhead, first appears when he eats two people who decided to swim on the island. Paul is later seen when he bites off one his father's worker's fingers. Hammerhead is seen swimming in a terrarium with green water when his father invites the doctors that could not save him from cancer to the island, along with his former fiancé Amelia Lockhart. After his presentation, Dr. King releases Hammerhead from the terrarium, flooding the room with water as he chases after them. After Amelia and the others escape, Hammerhead is now free on the island and begins tracking down anyone to consume.

Hammerhead later finds Amelia and the others on a jeep where he leaps onto the jeep to kill them. However, he is shot and driven away. Although, gunfire seems to have no effect on him. Eventually, Dr. King captures Amelia and preapres for Hammerhead to mate with her. However, instead of mating or eating Amelia, Hammerhead bites off his father's right arm. Hammerhead later meets his death when Tom Reed forces liquid nitrogen down his throat which causes him to explode.


  • Hammerhead and the Mansquito both have similar characters, both being mutated due to scientific experiments and both being half animal.
  • Hammerhead was portrayed by Anton Argirov, who also portrayed the "young thug" in the other 2005 Syfy film Mansquito.


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