Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
Film information
Directed by Mary Lambert
Produced by David Michael Latt
Written by Naomi Selfman
Music by Chris Ridenhour
Cinematography Troy Smith
Distributed by The Asylum
Release Date(s) January 15, 2011
Language English
Budget $ 500,000

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is a 2011 Syfy original movie.


  • Debbie Gibson as Dr. Nikki Riley
  • Tiffany as Park Ranger Terry O'Hara
  • A Martinez as Dr. Diego Ortiz
  • Kathryn Joosten as Angie
  • Kevin M. Horton as RJ Cupelli
  • Micky Dolenz as Himself
  • Carey Van Dyke as Justin
  • Arden Cho as Gia
  • Patrick Hancock as Ben
  • Kristen Wilson as Barbara Fine
  • Vanessa Claire Smith as Contrary Mary
  • Chris Neville as Manny
  • Jay Beyers as Matredee Martin
  • Harmony Blossom as a girl at the party
  • Kaiwi Lyman as Tom
  • Kylan James as Jordan
  • Timmy McFunn as Morgan
  • Jeff DuJardin as Jack
  • Jack N. Harding as Hank
  • Robert R. Shafer as Zeke
  • Travis Seaborn as Jackson