Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha DVD
The film's poster/DVD cover.
Film information
Directed by Eric Forsberg
Produced by David Michael Latt
David Rimawi
Written by Eric Forsberg
Music by Chris Ridenhour
Cinematography Brian Olinger
Editing by Bill Parker
Studio The Asylum
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) April 10, 2010
Running time 93 minutes
Language English

Mega Piranha, also known as Megapiranha, is a 2010 Syfy original movie directed by Eric Forsberg and stars Tiffany, Paul Logan, and Barry Williams.


  • Tiffany as Sarah Monroe
  • Paul Logan as Jason Fitch
  • Barry Williams as Bob Grady
  • David Labiosa as Colonel Antonio Diaz
  • Jude Gerard Prest as Dr. Higgins
  • Jesse Daly as Gordon
  • Alessandro Tierno as Sargento Ayudante
  • Jay Beyers as Seaman Toby
  • Cooper Harris as Lt. Julia
  • Gregory Paul Smith as Greg the submarine navigator
  • Jonathan Nation as Mort
  • Eric Forsberg as US Ambassador Arnold Regis
  • William Morse as Lt. Stritch
  • Clint Browning as Captain Jonas
  • Lola Forsberg as Steph
  • Robert Don as Rodriguez
  • David Dustin Kenyon as Lt. Baker
  • Sex Henderson as Submarine Crewman
  • Jillian Easton as Jane Fisher (Credited as Jane the Reporter)
  • Matt Lagan as Submarine Captain Jim
  • Anthony Wemyss as Bernie
  • John P. Napoleon as Lt. Miller
  • Sally Elphick as ISB Tech
  • Carl Watts as Captain Decker
  • Myles Cranford as Sy
  • Ryan Sherman as Jim The Tech
  • Ashley Carr as Half Dead Person
  • Fernando Huc as Jose the Driver
  • Natalie Nastulczykova as Technician