Ice Road Terror
Ice Road Terror DVD
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Film information
Directed by Terry Ingram
Written by Keith Shaw
Music by Stu Goldberg
Cinematography Michael Balfry
Distributed by Syfy
Language English

Ice Road Terror is a 2011 Syfy original movie about two truckers driving across frozen Alaskan rivers to deliver equipment to a remote diamond mine, who encounter a long-dormant prehistoric creature on the frozen ice


  • Brea Grant as Rachel Harris
  • Ty Olsson as Jack Simmons
  • Dylan Neal as Neil Conroy
  • Malcolm Stewart as Karl Kruger
  • Michael Hogan as Terry Lowman
  • Merrilyn Gann as Beryl Lowman
  • David Lyle as Tanner
  • William Belleau as Tyee
  • Jim Shield as Heath Reid
  • Don Thompson as Dan Sparkman
  • Sean Owen Roberts as Krem (as Sean O. Roberts)
  • Donavon Stinson as Trucker