Haunted High
DVD cover.
Film information
Directed by Jeffery Scott Lando
Written by Paul A. Birkett
Anthony C. Ferrante
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) August 25, 2012 (premier)
Running time 84 minutes
Language English
Showing your school spirit can be deadly

Haunted High, also known as Ghostquake, is a 2012 Syfy original movie directed by Jeffery Scott Lando and stars Jonathan Baron, Gabe Begneaud, and Charisma Carpenter. The film premiered on Syfy August 25, 2012 and was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Plot Edit

An earthquake releases the spirits trapped in the walls of Helville High and trap the students inside as a result of the quake and it is the weekend before homecoming. After the school board decides that the quake was caused by a gas leak in the basement, the homecoming party will go as planned. The spirits possess Principal Spiro and the other faculty and students. An aftershock turns the Glee Club's practice dance number into a mayhem and the school is on lockdown. There are eight students in the school who realize that their teachers are not who they used to be. The paranormal incidents at first seem funny. The incidents then become decidedly tense and the students find themselves trapped by the spirits with no way out. The students must solve the school's urban legend if they are to defeat the ghosts[1].

Notes Edit

  • Ghostquake, the title labeled on the DVD for Haunted High, and Arachnoquake are the only two 2012 Syfy films to include the word "quake" in the title.

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