Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
Hammerhead DVD
The film's DVD cover
Film information
Directed by Michael Oblowitz
Produced by Kenneth M. Badish

Boaz Davidson

Music by John Dickson
Cinematography Emil Topuzov
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) June 18, 2005 (premier)
Language English
Half man, half shark, total terror

Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy, also known as Sharkman, is a 2005 Syfy original movie.


The mad scientist Preston King (Jeffrey Combs) invites the doctors that could not save his son Paul King (Anton Argirov) from kidney cancer before to his uncharted island in the western pacific. There, Tom Reed (William Forsythe), Paul's widowed wife Amelia Lockhart (Hunter Tylo), who believes Paul died five years ago from cancer, and several meet on the island. There, Dr. King reveals that Paul never died and was saved from death by being injected with hammerhead shark DNA and filling his stem cells. This turned Paul into a half-man, half-shark creature. Dr. King leaves and releases the water from the tank where he was keeping Paul and hopes that he will eat them as revenge for them firing him from his job five years ago. As Paul, now known as Hammerhead, chases after them, the escape along with him.

Hammerhead begins killing the workers on the island and tracking down Dr. King's "quests" until he is eventually recaptured by Dr. King's remaining workers. Dr. King's men also capture Amelia, who Dr. King hopes his son will remember and mate with her to create a half-human, half-shark offspring, as he is determined that party of Paul is still human. Dr. King prepares for Paul to mate with Amelia and forces her to watch as one of the doctors, Whitney Feder (Arthur Roberts), is fed to Hammerhead. Amelia is then injected with a drug to calm her as Dr. King watches in hopes that Hammerhead will mate with her. However, instead of mating with Amelia, Hammerhead bites off his father's right arm. Amelia's new boyfriend, Tom Reed, arrives at the laboratory and rescues Amelia as he forces liquid nitrogen down Hammerhead's throat, which causes him to explode to his death. As Amelia and Tom escape, Dr. King prepares to shoot Amelia, but Tom shoots him to his death. The building explodes as Amelia and Tom, the only two survivors, escape.


  • Unlike most other Syfy original movies, there were never any complete views of the monster Hammerhead. Although, there were quick seens using CGI graphics while the rest of the scenes used a costume portrayed by Antony Argirov.
  • The monster in the film shares a similarity with the monster from the other Syfy original film Mansquito. Both films were released in 2005 and both films involve half-animal mutated monsters. Another similarity that the film shares with Mansquito is that the film is also known as "Sharkman" and had another DVD cover designed featuring a blue man with a mouth full of shark-like teeth and a shark-like nose. The text of the Sharkman DVD was the same style as the Mansquito DVD of which is also known as "Mosquito Man" just like Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy is known as Sharkman.


Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
Hammerhead DVD
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