Gigantopithecus (King of the Lost World)
Production information
Feature films King of the Lost World
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Frank Welker
Created by Syfy
Inspiration The jungle of King Kong
Character information
Full name None
Other names King Kong
Personality Aggressive, monstrous
Appearance Muscular body, black hair, black skin, giant ape-like face

Gigantopithecus resembles an enormous black gorilla standing 30 feet in height when standing upright. Its arms are abnormally thin.

Occupation Giant Gorilla
Affiliations Himself
Goal Kill (all failed)
Home Venezuela Plateau Island
Minions Giant Amazon Spider, Giant Amazon Scorpion
Enemies Gloria, John Roxton, Dr. Armstrong, Jet Pilot, Amazon Dragons, Rita Summerlee, Dana
Likes Food
Dislikes Dragons, Humans, plane explosions
Powers and abilities Strength, speed, senses, acrobatic, bite, leap, roar, intelligent, incredible endurance,
Weapons Teeth
Status Deceased

The Gigantopithecus is a giant ape that appeared in the 2005 movie called King of the Lost World. It is estimated to be 9.8 feet high and has an interest in attacking intruders as it threw a flight attendant in the beginning of the movie. It eventually got intimidated when a plane chases it with a torch. The Gigantopithecus was killed when a nuclear bomb was detonated in the crashed airplane.

History Edit

After the crash of a plane on his island, King of the Lost World encounters a flight attendant and devours her.

Much later, the giant ape reappears during the sacrificial ceremony and fights against The Lost World´s Dragon. He kills many of them and also crushes some persons. He then attacks the protagonists but two military jets arrive and distract him, however they both eventually crash. Afterwards, he confronts again The Lost World's Dragons and uses another crashed plane to hit them, but one of the protagonists succeeds to detonate a nuclear bomb left inside, killing the ape.

Appearances Edit

King of the Lost World Edit

Giant Ape attacks an dragons concert in Island, Venezuela Plateau Island and is later killed by ultimate ultrazord's finisher when Jet fire missiles at him as character chased for the survival war of the creature on Amazon Island.

Other appearances Edit

  • Monster Island - according to Syfy Movies on Facebook, Giant Ape is one of the monsters that you can forest.


  • He is clearly inspired by King Kong.
  • The film is very loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1912 novel The Lost World.
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