Ghost Shark
Ghost Shark
Production information
Feature films Ghost Shark
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Created by Syfy
Character information
Full name None
Other names Ghost Shark
Personality Murderous
Appearance Transparent ghost-like great white shark,
Goal Kill
Home Harmony
Likes Killing
Powers and abilities Can attack anywhere where there is water
Status Deceased

The Ghost Shark is the primary antagonist in the 2013 Syfy original movie of the same name. The Ghost Shark is, as its name implies, the ghost of a shark and can hunt on land, sea, or nearly anywhere where there is enough water or rain to maintain its ghost form.

Role in the film Edit

The Ghost Shark was once a living great white shark who was killed by a fisherman and his daughter after it ate part of the fish that they caught while on a fishing trip one night. After realized that the great white ate the fish, the fisherman shot the shark in anger and it swam to a cave where it sank and died. However, as the shark hit the sea bottom of the cave, a strange blue light filled the water and the markings on the cave glowed blue too. Just moments afterwards, the shark's ghost attacked the fisherman's boat and killed them both for revenge.

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Ghost Shark
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