Ghost Shark
Ghost Shark Poster2
One of the posters for the film.
Film information
Directed by Griff Furst
Written by Paul A. Birkett
Eric Forsberg
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) August 22, 2013 (premier)
Language English

Ghost Shark is 2013 Syfy original movie directed by Griff Furst and stars Mackenzie Rosman, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, and Sloane Coe. The film premiered on Syfy August 22, 2013.

Plot Edit

When a man and his daughter catch a fish for nearly $3,000, the fish is eaten by a shark. The angered man shoots at the shark for revenge, which eventually kills the shark when it swims into a cave and dies as it sinks to the seabed. However, due to the caves properties, the shark returns as a spirit and kills both the man and his daughter in revenge.

The Ghost Shark then sets its sights on the entire seaside community of Smallport, where it attacks a local beach and begins killing numbers of town residents. Because of the shark's new phantom form, it can take form anywhere where there is water. Teenager Ava Conte, her younger sister Cicely, and her friend Blaise Shaw witness the start of the Ghost Shark's rampage. However, the local authorities do not believe them. Now the teenagers seek the help of a crotchety lighthouse keeper named Finch, who claims to now the secrets of the shark's new phantom form.

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Trivia Edit

  • The girl on the poster is Jess from Shark Night 3D.

Ghost Shark
Ghost Shark Poster2
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