Production information
Feature films Rise of the Gargoyles
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Created by Syfy
Inspiration Gargoyles in mythology
Character information
Full name None
Other names Gargoyle
Personality Ruthless, monstrous, murderous, protective of her eggs
Appearance See below
Affiliations Herself
Goal Kill, find and protect her eggs
Home Paris, France
Relatives Her eggs
Enemies Jack Randall, Nicole Ricard, Walsh, Inspector Gilbert, Father Gable, Carol Beckham, all who pose a threat to her eggs
Likes Killing, her eggs
Dislikes Her eggs being stolen, bright light
Powers and abilities Can turn to stone when exposed to bright light and sunlight, flight
Weapons Teeth, claws
Status Presumed deceased

The Gargoyle, is the primary antagonist in the 2009 Syfy original movie Rise of the Gargoyles. Unlike most Syfy monsters, the gargoyle was revealed to be female. According to Father Gable, the gargoyle is half god and half devil.

Appearance Edit

The gargoyle is a large creature with a pair of dragon/devil-like wings. The gargoyle has a reptile-like head with piercing silver eyes and small ears. The gargoyle is humanoid with large hands, although can walk on all fours. The gargoyle appears a pinkish-red color with lumpy skin and turns to a gray stone color when exposed to bright light.

Gallery Edit

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