Flying Monkeys
Flying Monkeys
Poster/DVD cover.
Film information
Directed by Robert Grasmere
Written by Silvero Gouris
Music by Andrew Morgan Smith
Cinematography Frederick Iannone
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) March 9, 2013
Language English

Flying Monkeys is a 2013 Syfy original movie directed by Robert Grasmere and stars Electra Avellan, Alvin Chon, and Christopher Matthew Cook.


  • Electra Avellan as Sonya
  • Alvin Chon as Wang
  • Christopher Matthew Cook as Rudy (as Matt Cook)
  • Michelle DeVito as EMT Raines
  • Tyler Forrest as Paul
  • Mike Kimmel as Principal Smith
  • David Kranig as Tompkins - Jim
  • Jaci LeJeune as Senior in Car
  • Maika Monroe as Joan
  • Lee Nguyen as Chin - Lee
  • Brian Oerly as Joe
  • Michael Papajohn as Sheriff Flemings
  • Dane Rhodes as Burke
  • Sydney Trager as Sydney
  • Jackie Tuttle as Chasity
  • Vincent Ventresca as James
  • Zac Waggener as Jason
  • Ricky Wayne as Deputy Baldridge
  • Kerry Wong as Hong
  • Boni Yanagisasawa as Yin
  • Philippe Radelet as Parent

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