Not to be confused with Flu Bird Horror.
MM Flu Bird
Flu Birds
Production information
Feature films Flu Bird Horror
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
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Character information
Full name None
Other names Flu Birds
Personality Aggressive, hungry
Appearance See below
Affiliations Themselves
Goal Kill
Likes Killing
Powers and abilities Can infect any other organism
Weapons Beak, infectious virus
Status Deceased

The "Flu Birds" are the primary antagonists in the 2008 Syfy original movie Flu Bird Horror, also known by the same name. They were normal birds that were transformed into large pterodactyl-like creatures by a mutated virus. Although there are multiple Flu Birds in the film, only mentions one individual creature in Saturday Monster Madness.

Monster Madness bio Edit

This monster was not weakened by a bird flu, but turned into a giant, disease-ridden beast by it. It spreads plague to all its victims before tearing them apart, and everything about it is death.

Appearance Edit

The Flu Birds are large and humanoid with bat-like wings that take the place of arms. Their size and overall body shape makes the Flu Birds resemble the prehistoric dinosaur known as the pterodactyl. Their skin is a sickly green color, most likely due to the infection of the virus, and they have yellow eyes with black pupils. Their skin is also rugged and resembles that of a shell, not having any feathers due the virus.

Appearances Edit

Flu Bird Horror Edit

The Flu Birds attack a group of teenagers before being killed in an explosion.

Other appearances Edit

  • Saturday Monster Madness - the Flu Bird is one of the monsters you could vote for in Saturday Monster Madness on

Gallery Edit

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